23 06 2008

Hello, and welcome to my 100th post.

I’m going to resist the urge to honor myself with a retrospective of my *best* or *favorite* posts. I know that some of my musings were decent, and some of them were crap. But, much like good children and bad, most have a mother who loves them.

My best friend called me last week; she wants to set me up with a friend of a friend. All she could tell me was that the man in question made a good living for himself, and was out of town on business quite a bit. Now, normally hearing that a fella has a sizeable bank account and isn’t around too much would bring upon a case of the vapors that would leave me weak-kneed and frothing at the mouth. But, at present, I’m on a dating hiatus – a much needed one, if you are astute enough to pick up on the bitter tone in my typing. I’m not cruel enough of a person to subject some poor guy to issues that have nothing to do with him. So I’ve given my friend a soft ‘No’, and told her to check back with me in a month’s time. I’m sure he’ll be snatched up by then, though – she sent me his photo and, Yum-O. Rich, largely absent, and HOT. He’s the American Dream.

I dated two men immediately after my breakup with Jack and, while both were nice guys who I think I could have liked had I been in the right frame of mind, I wasn’t in that right frame. Pretending that I was in the game wasn’t fair to those who were playing it with me. I decided that, until the body is completely cold and I’ve buried with it all those memories – good and bad – I’m staying on the bench. It’s best for everyone, really. I’m just hoping that my mourning doesn’t bleed into the off season. I’d like to get out there and play again – and SOON. If I wait too long, I fear I may forget which team I’m on.

Tomorrow is my 85th birthday. Hurrah! I must admit, I do look fantastic for my age. I’d give the hottest of the Golden Girls a run for her denture money. I don’t get carded anymore, and sales clerks and waiters have taken to calling me ‘Ma’am’, but that’s fine. So far, most of my assets still hover around their target area and I remember most of what occurs throughout the day. This octagenarian is still kicking, yo.

Have a lovely Monday, Lovelies.

Bisou Bisou!



11 responses

23 06 2008

I must say, I’m never not a fan of your writing.

Perhaps I should think more about the dating hiatus myself. I too, took a similar stance after my recent… ending (I hate the word breakup), and I’m thinking I jumped back into the waters too soon. Hiatus-es (hiatus’? hiati?) are good.

23 06 2008
Kyla Bea

Happy Pre-Birthday!

It sounds like staying on the bench for a bit is a very good call, for your heart and for your head = )

23 06 2008

Happy early b-day. Had I known what a twerp our company from last b-day would have turned out to be, I’d have punched him in his lying mouth.

23 06 2008

happy birthday.

may the best of your yesterdays be the worst of your tommorows.

24 06 2008

Happy 100 and happy pre-birthday! You are wise to sit out till you’re ready. Can be hard to do but is best all around.

24 06 2008

Happy Birthday, K!!

24 06 2008

On behalf of the men of the area I’d like to thank you for not just being aware that you’re not ready for serious dating but acting on that knowledge.


24 06 2008
Paige Jennifer

I’ve been on a dating hiatus for an entire fucking year. Seriously, it’s starting to get ridiculous. If I don’t get this demon conquered, I’m checking myself into a convent. Oooh, at least there I can eat like a heffer and hide my cellulite ridden thighs under a polyester cloak. Hmmm…this just might work…

24 06 2008

Funny. Even though all of these hot 80-something female commenters are on some sort of dating hiatus, I still think that the men have it easier than we do. Heck, I have a steady job and I’m about to travel to Central Asia and I look totally hot in pictures and no one’s asking me to be his American Dream. Happy birthday anyway, and good luck with your hiatus.

25 06 2008
Not So Little Woman

Happy Birthday!! I’ve been on a blog-diet, but as soon I look forward to reading your posts (all 4 in my blogroll!)

26 06 2008
Carrie M

damn…I missed your bday. Happy belated!

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