24 03 2009

Velvet was the very first blogger I had met. After exchanging texts and emails for several weeks, she invited me to meet her at a local bar. I declined, making up some sort of lame excuse as to why I couldn’t go out at 8:30pm on a Thursday night. In truth, I was terrified to accept her invitation; as much as I’d wanted to clink glasses with the ballsy broad of the blog world, I wasn’t exactly keen on the idea of her meeting me.

My initial attraction to blogging was that it was a medium in which I could unload whatever it was that I was feeling at the time, and that I could do so without fear of bruising the egos of or inciting anger in my subjects. There was security attached to anonymity, and I was reluctant to let that security go in favor of downing beers with a DC Blog Badass.

I eventually did meet Velvet, and she and I became great friends.  She quickly introduced me to Betty Joan and KassyK, and to The PhD Three.

We successfully wooed the reclusive Blond out of hiding, forming a short-lived but wicked fun crew of Whorebuckets.

I attended Blogger happy hours, where I met Arjewtino, Lemon Gloria, Dagny Taggart, Carrie M, Jo, Mandy, 66, and Hammer.

Arjewtino, Betty Joan and I bonded with Lexa and Secular Friend at Shamrockfest, over plastic cups of Miller Lite and multiple rounds of Spin the Bottle.  Secular Friend was invited to be the lone male at a pirate-themed happy hour with the PhD Three and The Blond.

Lexa came along to a dinner I had planned with KassyK. She introduced me to LiLu, Refugee and Shannon, who later introduced me to Katherine, Maxie, Hey Pretty, and Deutlich.

I had met Ryane in passing at one of those early happy hours but, several months later, Paige Jennifer re-introduced us over brunch. Ryane joined mysterygirl! and I for drinks, and we’ve been saving her a seat at the bar ever since.

mysterygirl! brought The Wino to one of the happy hours, and I was immediately smitten. The Wino, Ryane and I will be hosting Paige Jennifer on her next visit to town.

There’s more, but you get the idea. Velvet introduced me to a few of her friends, I introduced my new friends to others, they responded in kind. Some of my very best friendships were spawned from these initial introductions, and I believe that my own introductions have netted a similar result.

I began blogging as someone who, at the time, felt somewhat alone in the world. Because of one person who reached out to me, I today have more friends than I can count on each of my fingers and toes, friends who have enriched my life immeasurably. I’m grateful for this – for all of you – those whom I’ve met and those I’ve yet to meet.

This is my 200th blog post. I don’t know how many more entries I have left in me – could be a handful, could be a hundred. What I am certain of is this: long after this blog has been retired, long after its posts have been deleted and their content forgotten, the resulting friendships will continue to grow, to flourish, to blossom.

Thank you, Velvet, for planting the first seed in what has now become a most incredible garden, one with very few thorns and oh-so-many roses.



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24 03 2009
carrie m

awww. that was a great post. and a lot of crap comes out of blogging, but a lot of good too. and this was a perfect way to say that.

Thanks, Love. You are one of those good things.

24 03 2009

Brookem and I are coming. That’s a promise.

Just do it before I’m eligible for the Senior Citizen’s discount, would you?

24 03 2009

‘Tis an honor to be included in the six degrees of Freckled K. Those early happy hours were pretty damn funny weren’t they?

There are no rules or contracts here. No outside pressure. Just write when so moved and do something else when not. And when you’re finally done, rest assured you’ll be sent off in style.

You are hereby named the Chair of my Bon Voyage committee, whenever that may be.

24 03 2009

i like this soo much …mostly because…like you…i started blogging with this idea of what i thought it would be…. and i was mostly waaay wrong…but in the best ways…

Right? I’ve never been so happy to be wrong about something.

24 03 2009

Congratulations on your 200th post and I am so glad I met you and Velvet and the multitude of wonderful people through blogging.

I think 2006 and 2007 could go down as two of the most bizarre and wonderful years of my life and you were there for many parts of it.

XO always.

I still have fond memories of our very first date – fondue and lots of *candid* photos. Love you, Kitten! So happy you’re coming back to us!

24 03 2009

PS–I realized just mentioning those two years sounded odd–I meant in reference to first meeting and getting to know each other. :)

I got you just fine the first time!

24 03 2009

i hope someday that i get to meet more awesome bloggers and build friendships :) happy 200th!

You will! Just remember to pay it forward…

24 03 2009

I love to be a part of the PhD Three. It’s like I’m in a band. One very nerdy band, but whatevs! :)

Y’all are the brains behind the entire WB operation. I’m just the gal who brings cockblockers along for our evenings out.

24 03 2009

P.S. Haha. I forgot to mention that you make everyone feel welcome and special. What a gift you have.

I’d rather have the gift of dance, but I’ll take what I can get.

24 03 2009

The best thing I’ve taken away from blogging is the awesome people I’ve met!

Here’s hoping you’ll meet many, many more!

24 03 2009

Julie: We’re all holding you two to that promise.


I’ll see your smooch and raise you a grope.

24 03 2009

I was thinking of the PhD Three as more like the Three Musketeers, like with triangle hats and swords and ruffly shirts and whatnot.

Yes, your gift is definitely your ability to connect people and introduce them into the round. As MA said, it’s such an excellent quality.

This is why I love you – your talent for imagined costumery. And for other things as well, such as your love of frothy beverages and melted cheese product.

24 03 2009

aww… loving all the bloggy love.

you my dear are right up there on my list of “must meet asap” in the blogging world. jules and i will make it happen sooner rather than later; you better believe it.

There are a few of us who are going to hold you to that, Missy; you better believe that!

24 03 2009

When one of my non-blogging friends said my Blog Buddies were the most interesting, most diverse, most fun set of people she’d met, I smiled knowingly.

Happy 200th!!

Thanks! We are that, aren’t we?

24 03 2009

Congrats on 200! I hope you have another 100 at least.

I hope so, too. Thanks!

24 03 2009
Dagny Taggart

I’m flattered and thrilled to be included in your garden. I agree – some of the most amazing and intriguing people I’ve met, have been through this community. The net outcome is firmly on the positive side (and that’s saying something), significantly because of people like you. Thanks!

It goes both ways, Dags. You’ve definitely improved the overall ratings.

24 03 2009

200th! Congratulations! It really is incredible the quality people in the blogging community. I love your garden.

And my garden loves you right back, Mama.

24 03 2009

Awww!! It’s like a Velvet-Tribute-Post. Well, that’s how I read it anyway!! You’re just misty-eyed because you realized today is Tuesday and Tuesday means the Real Anorexics of New York City are on tonight!

I think that first night I was texting you to come out was because I was hellbent and determined to not cheat on my then-boyfriend with my then-hookup. I failed miserably. Some friend you are! Oh wait. When I think of the parties at hand, maybe you did all of us a favor…

No, you were at Stetson’s with a friend, I think. Your second shot at it was an attempt to not cheat on your boyfriend.

And, yep. It’s all because of you, V. Luckily for you, it’s turned out well, and you’ve thus escaped my unyielding wrath.

24 03 2009
Paige Jennifer

Oh my GOD – do I now have to come out of retirement?!?!?

Yay for 200 posts. Now let’s lift a glass, er bottle, to another 200!

You take the bottle, I’ll lift the margarita pitcher.

Can’t wait to see you!

24 03 2009

This really warmed my heart and is such a testament to all the wonderful things that can come from blogging. I get really annoyed when people refer to this group of people in my life, you bloggers, as “your blog friends”, as if it is less important or meaningful. Y’all are the most diverse, thoughtful and accepting group of people I know. Of course there are always some thorns in a bunch of roses, but I will happily accept the small amount of bad for the bucketfuls of good.

I had a similar reaction when my now Ex questioned the validity of such friendships. He’s lucky he didn’t get a wallop for having done so; ain’t noboby better be talking smack about my friends, yo.

You’ve warmed my heart on many an occasion, so I’m beside myself that I could return the favor. xoxo

24 03 2009

I can’t think of a better garden in which to bloom! Thanks for being such a wonderful instigator. ;-)

25 03 2009
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25 03 2009
The Maiden Metallurgist

I couldn’t agree more. I met my husband through my blog for goodness sake.

25 03 2009

How incredible is that? It’s awesome. I just met my first blogger a couple weeks ago. We’re excited to see where it goes from there! Maybe we’ll have to fly out to DC!

25 03 2009
Not So Little Woman

As usual, a wonderful piece of writing from you. I’ve never been able to go to the DC Blogger happy hours. First I was in NY (so technically, not even a DC blogger), then I had something else and the last one was when Basil was already sick and I was milking every single second of time with him.

I’m now outside of the US, but when I get back, I will email you and we’ll set up a coffee or something. I’m sorry Basil never got to meet George, but I sure would love to meet you two (and Velvet, because honestly, it’s about time!)


25 03 2009
Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts

Wow! What a great post. Blogging can be a great way to meet some really great people.

25 03 2009

Happy 200th – this was a such a sweet posts to your friends!

31 03 2009

Aw, the fondue date! Love it–and still have the photos. :-)

Congrats, and thank you for all of your beautiful writing. Mwah!

9 04 2009
Essentially Me

I’m late to the party but congrats on your 200th! I hope that there will be 200 more because you, my dear, are a writer.

And meeting you would just be the bee’s knees. :)

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